Semester Favorites

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One things I love about my university is that we get about 5 weeks off for winter break. That is over a month of relaxing and hanging out. When it is finally time to start classes again I reach for a few of my favorite things. For all the years I’ve been in school Ive used a variety of these items and I think I have finally gathered the perfect combination to help me get through the semester.

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Sugar Paper Planner:

It has taken a while to find a planner that I really like using. Some were too small (I have big handwriting), some were too big. It wasn’t until I went to Target that I found the perfect planner. The first thing that caught my attention is the color, a light blush pink with gold edges. Sign me up!!! When I opened it up it won my heart. It has plenty of room to write in as well as a basic calendar at the beginning of each month. I would say that it is medium sized, so it fits in any bag I bring to school.

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Rose Gold Travel Mug:

You may not know this about me but I have a very strong weakness to anything rose gold. It might be the basic in me, but it just screams my name! So not only is this the perfect travel mug because of the color but it is also the perfect size. I don’t drink coffee, so any hot beverage I want to bring with me is hot chocolate 99.9% of the time. This mug was in the cute little $1,$3,$5 section at Target. Although it was fairly cheap it works really well. It keeps my drinks warm for an extended period of time and it is easy to wash. It holds enough for me to drink it all without it getting too cold. I really do love it!

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Bluetooth Beats Headphones (rose gold):

Now I did not purchase these, they were a free gift when I bought my MacBook. I know how expensive Beats can be and normally I wouldn’t spend that much on a pair of headphones. However, I will recommend these to everyone. I am the type of person who will have headphones in walking across campus because I don’t like talking to strangers. These headphones really do cancel out any background noises (which can be really awesome but also sometimes terrifying). I love the fact that they are bluetooth because I don’t have to worry about doing something weird and ripping the cord out.

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Sugar Paper Portfolio:

I found this portfolio at the same time I found my planner. Again the color grabbed my attention. The outside is light gray and is a pleather-y texture. They had one in the same pink as the planner but I liked the gray and pink together. I bring this basically everywhere with me. I like to keep important papers inside and it came with a super cute pink legal pad on the inside. I used this for notes or lists or anything I need to write down. It has really helped me stay organized throughout the semester. I keep all of my syllabi inside so I have them any time I need them. This was a tad bit pricy but I definitely use it enough for the price I paid. I encourage anyone who needs to get organized to purchase one of these. It is a life savor!

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Mud Pie #namasteinbed Mug:

Along with my rose gold obsession, I have an addiction to coffee mugs. And as I mentioned above, I don’t drink coffee…that still hasn’t stopped me from buy every single cute mug I find. I found this one at TJ Maxx and it speaks to my soul. Although this is fairly new I’m still including it in my semester favorites to represent all the mugs I own. I will drink anything out of mugs. I have a few of the mugs that look like bowls with a handle that I use specifically for soups. If it is cold out, a mug will be in my hand.

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MacBook Air:

Last but not least my MacBook. I have wanted one for YEARS! I love my iPhone and I just kept hearing how wonderful MacBooks are. I saved up for this purchase for a while. I have never been so happy with a laptop in my life. I love that my phone syncs up to it so I have all my information connected. This is one of the best purchases I think I have ever made. It has made my life so easy and I tell everyone I know to purchase apple products.
As classes start we all get ready to face new challenges and new experiences. With a few staple items your semester can be in your control. Try not to stress too much and make time for yourself. If all else fails, take a deep breath and live one day at a time. I hope all of my semester favorites help you pick a few of your own!


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