Bathroom Makeover

Hello World!

Recently I was browsing around my local Target (as one does) and I stumbled across a clearance section. Now, this area is usually full of nonsense items that I don’t actually need in my life but the aura of Target seems to convince me otherwise, but not this time.

As I’ve mentioned, I moved into my own apartment this year and I’m still in the process of making it my own.

This time this particular section was full of bathroom essentials: shower curtains, towels, bath matts, the whole shebang! It was in that moment that I decided my bathroom needed a makeover. I think after everything I spent around $80, which I think is pretty reasonable considering towels alone are more expensive than, a piece of fabric used to dry your body, should be.

Above is everything that I decided to get. I ended up not using the vanity mirror in my bathroom but I have other plans for it… Below I will link all the items (or similar ones) for you all to browse and enjoy. 

Wood and brass vanity mirror – Threshold 

Striped beige linen shower curtain – Threshold 

Soft Vinyl Shower Liner – Room Essentials

Herringbone White Bath Towels –  Threshold 

Herringbone White Hand Towels – Threshold

Double Glide Bronze Shower Hooks – Threshold

Striped Accent Bath Rug – Threshold

As I was linking all the items I noticed a theme… I love the Threshold brand!! They are just killing the game in my opinion haha I highly recommend their product lines at Target. 

Finally! Here it is, the before and after of my bathroom! 



I love how my bathroom turned out! It was the exact look I was going for. Living on my own has really taught me about my taste and has given me so many opportunities to fully express who I am. If you enjoyed this transformation let me know below and comment what room I should show next!!!


*All the views and opinions mentioned above are completely my own. I was not sent products, nor was I paid in exchange for a review. The photo used above is my own and cannot be used without written permission from myself.

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