2019 Bucket List

Hello World!

We are a month into 2019 and it has been a time of reflection. As I look back on 2018, I wonder how I ever got through the year. 2018 was full of pain, change and overall growth; and I could not be more thankful for it. With that being said, I will take a note from the wise Ariana Grande; 2018, thank you, next. 2019, I’m coming for ya. I’ve got that, “I want it, I got it” attitude and nothing will slow me down. Like every new year my social media gets blasted with everyone’s resolutions. I see these unrealistic goals that people set for themselves that they probably wont keep after 2 weeks. As much as I love disappointing myself by not sticking to one goal I pressure myself into thinking I need to accomplish: I decide to do something different.

Like every new year my social media gets blasted with everyone’s resolutions. I see these unrealistic goals that people set for themselves that they probably wont keep after 2 weeks. As much as I love disappointing myself by not sticking to one goal I pressure myself into thinking I need to accomplish: I decide to do something different.

So I started this year by sitting down and making a list. A bucket list to be exact. A list of things that I want to complete in 2019. Throughout the month I’ve added to the list and have started to cross some off. With the list constantly growing and changing, it really helps to remember the goals I’ve accomplished when I feel that I haven’t accomplished much. With that, here is my list:

Get a tattoo
Go to more concerts
Take a road trip
Be more active
Do more yoga
Finally Chop Hair (see photos below)
Be present
Say "Yes" to more things
Speak my mind
Drink more water
Do 1 thing a day that brings me joy
Set aside time to do something creative twice a week
Continue to practice self love/self-care
Jan 1, 2019

Jan 8, 2019





I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store for me. I look forward to sharing all my adventures with you all. I would love to hear what you put on your bucket lists! Let’s reach our goals together!!!




















Adventure Time: Hidden Falls

Hello!! Spring is here!! Well…kind of. I don’t usually trust the good weather here until about July, and even then I can’t make any promises. Luckily this past weekend in the high 70’s, which means it is time to get into nature! I am pretty lucky in the sense that I can travel about 30 minutes and hit mountains. I am also lucky  because I am very close with/ and live very close to my mom and siblings. So last weekend we decided to take advantage of the good weather and go for our first hike of the season! I have hiked to the Hidden Falls before but it was the first time for my older sister, Amelia, and my mom.


The hike from the start to the Falls is 2 miles (so 4 miles there and back). It is one of the easier trails in this specific area however, there are a few parts that you have to climb over some larger rocks. The trail is pretty straight forward as long as you follow the correct signs haha. It really was the perfect day for a hike and we even packed a lunch! The sun was out but it was slightly overcast, which meant there was a slight cool wind. Warm enough to be outside but cool enough to not sweat my butt off the whole hike.



The one down side to it being a perfect day is that the trail was so busy! Everyone took advantage of the lovely weather which was just inconvenient to my life haha. There were children and dogs and mountain bikes….OH MY! Because the trail was busy and there were so many people at the actual Falls, I couldn’t get a good picture of it. I do know that once the weather stays nice for an extended period of time, fewer people will want to be active.  Hopefully I can get back there soon to take some more cool pictures!


I hope you enjoy the pictures of my adventure. If you like post like this please let me know in the comments below! Also, if you would like to start seeing videos of my adventures along with photos let me know!!! I want to hear about your fun adventures too so share, share, share!!! Until next time…


*All the views and opinions mentioned above are completely my own. The photo used above is my own and can not be used with out written permission from myself. If you have questions about your own, please ask a professional.

Autumn Festivities

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It’s that time of year again! Time for pumpkin picking!!!! I love autumn and I love pumpkin picking. Although I love pumpkin picking….I’m not the biggest pumpkin fan. I know, I know, grab the pitch forks and torches. I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes, I don’t like pumpkin pie, I don’t like pumpkin scented candles, but I love them as an aesthetic feature in my home. So every year my family and I make our way down to The Bartel’s Pumpkin Patch, which is about 40 minutes away from where I live.

Last year my boyfriend and I got about 12 pumpkins (all different sizes) that we carved. This year we didn’t get as many (and by that I mean we only got 9 haha) but I did pick some smaller ones that I want to paint and decorate our house with. For some reason this year I really wanted a big white pumpkin. I have no idea why I like the white ones so much but I think they are just so cute. I also love small, round pumpkins. I will pick 5 perfectly round little pumpkins over one weird shaped big pumpkin any day. I think I am most excited about the fact that I now have steps and a porch in the front of my house that I can put all my pumpkins on. I don’t know how long they will last outside because we currently have a raccoon problem, so I think I’m going to put them out a little closer to Halloween. That way I won’t be as sad if the wild animals (squirrels, raccoons and our dog) eat them.

This is probably the only “Halloween-ish” activity I will be participating in. I am a HUGE baby when it comes to this time of the year because I HATE being scared. Which is very hard in my current relationship because my boyfriend loves nothing more then scaring the crap out of me. I may end up giving in and going to see a scary movie with him but I refuse to go to any haunted house! I just don’t understand how people like to be scared!!!

Let me know below what your favorite Halloween/Autumn activity is!


Current Fashion Obsessions

It’s September…which means one of my favorite season is right around the corner….AUTUMN!!!!! I absolutely love Autumn. The leaves change colors, it gets colder and layers are back in style! I am still in the process of collection more sweaters and flannels but as of right now I have two items that I have been loving. I bought both of these at TJ Maxx (one of my favorite places to shop).

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The first item is a jean jacket. The brand is Ci Sono and it was $19.99. I have always loved jean jackets but I could never find one that I was super in love with. When I found this one, I just loved how it fit and how distressed it was. It’s very my style and although it is fitted, I can still layer it with a flannel or T-Shirt underneath. I have not jumped on the denim on denim train just yet but maybe someday I’ll get there.

Second is these sliders. They are the brand Qupid. I got them on sale for $7.99 and I believe that they are one of the best purchase I’ve ever made. All of my shoes are either booties or some form of a sneaker, so to have a shoe that I can just slide on when I’m leaving the house or put on to match a super casual outfit, makes me so happy. They are super comfortable. They don’t hurt my feet after wearing them all day. I absolutely LOVE that they have faux fur on them. The fact that the fur is maroon, white and black means that they match just about everything I own.

I love stores like TJ Maxx because they have super cute designer brands for half the price! It is a great place to shop if you’re on a budget or if you’re going back to school shopping! I can find clothes, pillows, pots & pans and pretty much anything else I need in life, all in one store!!! I can’t wait to show you guys all the other things I will be wearing this fall!! Comment and let me know some of your favorite fall trends or any trend you’ve been loving recently!!!



January Favorites

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I know that it is the middle of February, but I still had some favorites in January! This past month I had a variety of favorite things and I want to share some of them with you! I hope you enjoy!!

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The first thing I have been obsessed with in January is this HUGE pink blanket scarf. I love this scarf so much because 1) it is a pink ombre, 2) it is the softest thing I have ever felt in my life! and 3) it is GIANT. I got this at H&M on sale. It has kept me extremely warm in the freezing temperatures. I adore it.

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My second favorite in the month of January is Anna Kendrick’s book. I absolutely love her as a person and an actress and this book has made me love her even more. I enjoy reading these types of book because I like getting a look at their actual lives. I like learning what made them want to get into the acting industry. They always give great advice that is applicable to everyones life!

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I love my aviators. I got these at TJ Maxx and they are Tommy Hilfiger. I just think they are super cute and they go with pretty much anything.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI have a few makeup products that I gave a little extra love this past month. This adorable makeup bag was given to me for Christmas by one of my friends. It is rose gold (which everyone knows I am OBSESSED with) and it is the perfect travel size! The fist product that I reached for everyday was my Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in the shade 230 Fair/Light. This concealer is super light weight but has great coverage. In the summer I sometimes only wear this because it blends really well into my skin. The next thing I was loving is the Covergirl + Olay “The De-Puffer” under eye concealer. I get this in the shade 320 Fair/Light. This product is amazing. It covers the dark bags under my eyes and makes me look like an actual human being. It has a metal applicator which feels great under your eyes in the morning when I feel less than alive. Next is the mini Smashbox X-rated mascara. I usually use multiple mascaras to get extra volume but after using just a few coats of this, my lashes are looking long and full. And last we have the L’oreal Voluminous Superstar liquid eyeliner. I have been using this eyeliner FOREVER!!!! It is by far my favorite liquid mascara. It has a nice felt tip that makes application easier and more precise. It does smudge a little during the day (but I have weirdly oily eyelids…), but if I do a wing it stays all day.

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This next one is very random but it also makes me so happy! I got a new sticker for my laptop that says “Say no to drugs & say yes to pizza”. I found this sticker at Zumiez and I think it was about $3. I saw it and it just made me so happy so I had to buy it. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it when I bring my laptop to class, which makes it even better!

I love hearing what you guys love every month so feel free to share!!!! I hope you enjoy seeing what I am into each month and I hope to continue these posts! Let me know what you think!



My Planner Set Up

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAt the beginning of each semester I take a few hours after all of my classes to reorganize my planner. I put in all the due dates for my assignments in each class, I schedule out time for going to the gym and when all of my new posts go up. This helps me stay on track throughout the rest of the semester.

What I usually do is pick one color for each class. On the top of the syllubus I color the corner of the page with the pen I chose for the class. Then I go through, class by class, and I put in all the due dates for my assignments. For bigger projects I schedule time to get with my group or work on the project alone. I do this as a reminder from the beginning that a project is due. Nothings worse than rushing to do a project last minute.

Along with all my assignments I use my planner to schedule times to go to the gym or any plans I have with my friends. I am horrible at over planning myself, so I always end up cancelling on my friends to do homework.

With everything happening all at once (classes, projects, outside work) I try to set aside time, generally on the weekends, to work on this blog. I have been slacking pretty hard recently. However, I feel that allowing myself to actually see when I need to start working on things makes it easier for me to stay on track.

Ever since I started scheduling my life like this and keeping my planner with me at all times, has really helped me keep my life in check. I hope this has helped you in any way! Let me know if you know of any tricks or tips that have helped you stay organized in your life!!!


Semester Favorites

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One things I love about my university is that we get about 5 weeks off for winter break. That is over a month of relaxing and hanging out. When it is finally time to start classes again I reach for a few of my favorite things. For all the years I’ve been in school Ive used a variety of these items and I think I have finally gathered the perfect combination to help me get through the semester.

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Sugar Paper Planner:

It has taken a while to find a planner that I really like using. Some were too small (I have big handwriting), some were too big. It wasn’t until I went to Target that I found the perfect planner. The first thing that caught my attention is the color, a light blush pink with gold edges. Sign me up!!! When I opened it up it won my heart. It has plenty of room to write in as well as a basic calendar at the beginning of each month. I would say that it is medium sized, so it fits in any bag I bring to school.

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Rose Gold Travel Mug:

You may not know this about me but I have a very strong weakness to anything rose gold. It might be the basic in me, but it just screams my name! So not only is this the perfect travel mug because of the color but it is also the perfect size. I don’t drink coffee, so any hot beverage I want to bring with me is hot chocolate 99.9% of the time. This mug was in the cute little $1,$3,$5 section at Target. Although it was fairly cheap it works really well. It keeps my drinks warm for an extended period of time and it is easy to wash. It holds enough for me to drink it all without it getting too cold. I really do love it!

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Bluetooth Beats Headphones (rose gold):

Now I did not purchase these, they were a free gift when I bought my MacBook. I know how expensive Beats can be and normally I wouldn’t spend that much on a pair of headphones. However, I will recommend these to everyone. I am the type of person who will have headphones in walking across campus because I don’t like talking to strangers. These headphones really do cancel out any background noises (which can be really awesome but also sometimes terrifying). I love the fact that they are bluetooth because I don’t have to worry about doing something weird and ripping the cord out.

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Sugar Paper Portfolio:

I found this portfolio at the same time I found my planner. Again the color grabbed my attention. The outside is light gray and is a pleather-y texture. They had one in the same pink as the planner but I liked the gray and pink together. I bring this basically everywhere with me. I like to keep important papers inside and it came with a super cute pink legal pad on the inside. I used this for notes or lists or anything I need to write down. It has really helped me stay organized throughout the semester. I keep all of my syllabi inside so I have them any time I need them. This was a tad bit pricy but I definitely use it enough for the price I paid. I encourage anyone who needs to get organized to purchase one of these. It is a life savor!

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Mud Pie #namasteinbed Mug:

Along with my rose gold obsession, I have an addiction to coffee mugs. And as I mentioned above, I don’t drink coffee…that still hasn’t stopped me from buy every single cute mug I find. I found this one at TJ Maxx and it speaks to my soul. Although this is fairly new I’m still including it in my semester favorites to represent all the mugs I own. I will drink anything out of mugs. I have a few of the mugs that look like bowls with a handle that I use specifically for soups. If it is cold out, a mug will be in my hand.

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MacBook Air:

Last but not least my MacBook. I have wanted one for YEARS! I love my iPhone and I just kept hearing how wonderful MacBooks are. I saved up for this purchase for a while. I have never been so happy with a laptop in my life. I love that my phone syncs up to it so I have all my information connected. This is one of the best purchases I think I have ever made. It has made my life so easy and I tell everyone I know to purchase apple products.
As classes start we all get ready to face new challenges and new experiences. With a few staple items your semester can be in your control. Try not to stress too much and make time for yourself. If all else fails, take a deep breath and live one day at a time. I hope all of my semester favorites help you pick a few of your own!


Coffee Table Books


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I love seeing what books people like to keep around their house. It helps me get inspiration into how I want my home to look, as well as, allowing me to understand that person better. These are the three books I currently have on my coffee table (amongst the piles and piles of magazines I have laying around my apartment haha).

The Fashion Book- Phaidon:

This book is like my bible. It is the A-Z guide of all things fashion. This book shows every person who created and inspired the fashion world. This book spans over two centuries with the whole industry represented. This book is a guide to over 570 clothing and accessory designers, photographers, stylists, schools, models and editors. As well as, the icons who instigated or symbolize an entire style or movement. This is great for those who really want to know the fashion industry inside and out.

14,000 things to be happy about- Barbara Ann Kipfer:

I have wanted this book for such a long time. Even just skimming through the pages you find things that make you happy! Whether its watching the sunset/rise, going to the beach, watching the snow fall or things  as small as Aunt Jemima  syrup, sipping a coke or getting the answers you want from a magic 8 ball. This book is just a friendly reminder that despite anything that goes wrong in your life, there is always something to be happy about.

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School- Alfredo Cabrera with Matthew Fredrick:

My mom got this book for me. This little book is super helpful for anyone in fashion. The book starts with “Fashion was born in the 12th century” and ends with a quote by Yves St. Laurent “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Throughout the book there are little tips about how to illustrate, how to tie a tie, how to cut fabric, the measurements of average models and other helpful tips!


Anywhere you look in my apartment you will find a book or a magazine that has to do with fashion or the industry. I love when my passions bring out a passion in others! Let me know what books you like to keep around your home!!! Like, follow, comment and share!!


A Few of My Favorite Things…July

July has come and gone and with August comes the end of summer, school starting and a whole new list of things that I love! But before I start on that list I want to share my favorite things through the month of July.
Favorite #1:
My throw pillows. I absolutely LOVE my pillows. Yes, I am aware that it is summer time. Yes, I am aware that it is hot ALL the time, but that doesn’t stop me from piling them all on my bed and laying in the heaven that is my throw pillows. Just remember, there is no such thing as TOO MANY pillows.

Favorite #2:
My ukuleles. I grew up surrounded by music. I started playing the violin in the 4th grade but it didn’t stick for too long. I tried playing the guitar, but I wasn’t feeling that either. I received the brown one for Christmas a few years ago and ever since that my collection and love for the instrument  grow. I love that I can travel with them. I really just enjoy sitting down and learning new songs.

 Favorite #3:
My style books. When I first started getting into fashion, I would read these books. They really helped break down everything fashion and beauty. They are great books for those who are wanting to learn a little more about fashion/beauty or for people who are trying to create the perfect wardrobe. Grace&Style by Grace Helbig, Style by Lauren Conrad, Beauty by Lauren Conrad, and Brunette Ambition by Lea Michelle. These girls are true icons and great role models.


 Favorite #4:
Simple’s cleansing micellar water. My holy grail face cleanser. I have the most emotional, irrational and confusing skin. If I wash it with a normal cleanser, I just break out more. Its a horrible cycle of wanting to have a clean face and not wanting to break out. That is until I found this amazing cleansing water. It removes all makeup and dirt from my face with out freaking out my skin. It’s wonderful.

 Favorite #5:
Liquid matte lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and I am 100% invested in them. I was skeptical at first because I’m not a huge lip gloss fan (I don’t like the sticky feeling on my lips). However, I am head over heels for these bad boys. They are long lasting and stay on my lips (not my face) when I eat. Which is the biggest factor I look for in  a good lipstick.

 Favorite #6:
These are my Mala beads (also known as prayer beads). I made these myself and I use them during my meditation or when I have an extreme amount of anxiety. These have really helped me when I am feeling too anxious to get things done. They have really helped me and I definitely recommend them to anyone suffering with anxiety. Nothing has made me feel better than some meditation.

This summer has seemed to fly by! Pretty soon we will all be back in school and the leaves will be changing colors. I’m sure I’ll have more favorites in this upcoming month and I can’t wait to share them all with you! Hope you all had a wonderful July!