My Planner Set Up

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAt the beginning of each semester I take a few hours after all of my classes to reorganize my planner. I put in all the due dates for my assignments in each class, I schedule out time for going to the gym and when all of my new posts go up. This helps me stay on track throughout the rest of the semester.

What I usually do is pick one color for each class. On the top of the syllubus I color the corner of the page with the pen I chose for the class. Then I go through, class by class, and I put in all the due dates for my assignments. For bigger projects I schedule time to get with my group or work on the project alone. I do this as a reminder from the beginning that a project is due. Nothings worse than rushing to do a project last minute.

Along with all my assignments I use my planner to schedule times to go to the gym or any plans I have with my friends. I am horrible at over planning myself, so I always end up cancelling on my friends to do homework.

With everything happening all at once (classes, projects, outside work) I try to set aside time, generally on the weekends, to work on this blog. I have been slacking pretty hard recently. However, I feel that allowing myself to actually see when I need to start working on things makes it easier for me to stay on track.

Ever since I started scheduling my life like this and keeping my planner with me at all times, has really helped me keep my life in check. I hope this has helped you in any way! Let me know if you know of any tricks or tips that have helped you stay organized in your life!!!


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