Adventure Time: Hidden Falls

Hello!! Spring is here!! Well…kind of. I don’t usually trust the good weather here until about July, and even then I can’t make any promises. Luckily this past weekend in the high 70’s, which means it is time to get into nature! I am pretty lucky in the sense that I can travel about 30 minutes and hit mountains. I am also lucky  because I am very close with/ and live very close to my mom and siblings. So last weekend we decided to take advantage of the good weather and go for our first hike of the season! I have hiked to the Hidden Falls before but it was the first time for my older sister, Amelia, and my mom.


The hike from the start to the Falls is 2 miles (so 4 miles there and back). It is one of the easier trails in this specific area however, there are a few parts that you have to climb over some larger rocks. The trail is pretty straight forward as long as you follow the correct signs haha. It really was the perfect day for a hike and we even packed a lunch! The sun was out but it was slightly overcast, which meant there was a slight cool wind. Warm enough to be outside but cool enough to not sweat my butt off the whole hike.



The one down side to it being a perfect day is that the trail was so busy! Everyone took advantage of the lovely weather which was just inconvenient to my life haha. There were children and dogs and mountain bikes….OH MY! Because the trail was busy and there were so many people at the actual Falls, I couldn’t get a good picture of it. I do know that once the weather stays nice for an extended period of time, fewer people will want to be active.  Hopefully I can get back there soon to take some more cool pictures!


I hope you enjoy the pictures of my adventure. If you like post like this please let me know in the comments below! Also, if you would like to start seeing videos of my adventures along with photos let me know!!! I want to hear about your fun adventures too so share, share, share!!! Until next time…


*All the views and opinions mentioned above are completely my own. The photo used above is my own and can not be used with out written permission from myself. If you have questions about your own, please ask a professional.

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