My Favorite Youtubers

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you, if I am not listening to a podcast or watching Netflix, I am watching a Youtube video. Now sometimes I get into a deep dive and end up watching compilation videos of owners coming home to their dogs after being away and just balling my eyes out (and if you don’t cry watching those videos then you really have no soul). However, I mainly go on to keep up with a few of my favorite people (none of which know I exist….so that’s fun). I watch a wide range of genres, so I am just going to share with you my overall favorite people to watch.

7. Clevver TV/Style/News: These are 3 different channels but it is the same people. I love the Clevver girls. They are relatable and funny. These videos cover a range of topics from celebrity news to cheat day food inventions. Their videos range in length (personally I like really long videos) which is great for binge watching.

6. Emma Hill: I just recently got into her videos and I am in love! I have been binge watching all of her content and it is really getting me inspired to revamp my wardrobe. A lot of her videos are fashion related. My favorite videos so far are her hauls (I just love seeing what people buy. I’m nosey like that haha). She also has a few makeup videos and vlogs. She is pretty new to Youtube but she has an amazing blog that I think you all should check out!

5. Acacia and Jairus: I feel like this channel is a little controversial. A lot of people don’t like Acacia for things that happened in her past and because they do a lot of sponsored videos. I used to watch her when she was younger and then when she started making videos again I got sucked back in. Acacia and Jairus are young parents. They just had their daughter Brinley and I believe that Acacia is only 19. I enjoy watching their videos because I like to keep ups with their family and see how they are constantly growing and changing together.

4. Julien Solomita: Julien is a vlogger. He is probably one of the most creative vloggers I have ever watched. He doesn’t just talk in to the camera like other vloggers. He uses different angles, voice overs and just creates vlogs that are like movies. I know he also does short films and those are amazing too. He is dating Jenna Marbles a.k.a Jenna Mourey (whose videos I also love) so its fun to see another side of their lives outside of Jenna’s videos.

3. Grace Helbig: I have watched her FOREVER!!!!! Her videos are a lot of comedy with a little cooking, beauty and DIY thrown in. She is a hot mess express and I love every single second of her videos. Her style of comedy is very self depricating in a way that makes you want to make fun of yourself. Because if you can’t laugh at yourself then life will just be a bore. Grace has also written/produced/stared in 2 movies; Camp Takota and Dirty 30 (I highly recommend watching both of those).

2. Jenna Marbles a.k.a Jenna Mourey: Jenna also does comedy videos with a little cooking, drinking, beauty, DIY, dogs and hot mess thrown in. I believe Jenna has been around since Youtubers became a thing, ya know, one of the OG’s. She is hilarious and has the cutest dogs in the world that put up with so much of her craziness. Her earlier videos (which I think everyone in the world needs to watch) were more sketch-like videos and now she has gotten into doing whatever pops into her head. This ranges from seeing how many balloons it takes to lift her chihuahua in the air to attempting to make a wig out of eyelashes. Her and her boyfriend Julien also have a gaming channel and a podcast.

1. Zoella a.k.a Zoe Sugg: Zoe is my number one youtube to watch. I have watched her since she was making videos in her room living with her parents and now she has her own home, her own book series, her own beauty line and her own lifestyle line. She has two channels; her main channel which features beauty, cooking and lifestyle videos, and her second channel which features mainly vlogs. She also has a blog but it isn’t updated as much as I would like. She is a British youtuber who has been extremely open about her anxiety. Because of this I have related to her more then I ever thought was possible. She is one of the only youtubers whose videos I will constantly go back and watch because I genuinely love them.

I highly suggest checking out all these youtubers! Let me know below what channels you like to watch!!


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