Mini ULTA Beauty Haul

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you what I got at ULTA. For those of you who don’t know, ULTA is a store that sells basically all things beauty. It is kind of like a Sephora, but has hair care and skin care, as well as makeup. This time around I only purchased a few skin care products, and yes, 5 of the 6 products are face masks because I have no self control when it comes to face masks. My collection is quickly growing and I’m not mad about it! I like to justify my obsession with face masks by setting aside at least 20 minutes a day to relax and put one on. Its my “me time”.

So I went into ULTA without a plan (which to be honest is never a good idea), and I wandered aimlessly through the skincare section. Recently I watched Zoella’s Huge American Haul video and as I walked I remembered some of the face masks she got. Like Zoe, I am a sucker for a gimmick. However, since I have never tired these brands before, I opted for simple sheet masks instead of the mask pots. I will link each product to the ULTA website so you guys can check them out!

Egg White Pore Mask by Skinfood

I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet by TONYMOLY

I’m Real Peach Mask Sheet by TONYMOLY

I’m Real Seaweed Mask Sheet by TONYMOLY

I’m Real Cherry Blossom Mask Sheet by TONYMOLY

Enzyme Cleansing Gel by Mario Badescu


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Now the Egg White pore mask only came in  pot so I grabbed it anyway. Also the Enzyme Cleansing Gel isn’t a face mask but a face wash. Still it feeds my need to constantly buy more skincare products! So far I have tried the I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet and the I’m Real Seaweed Mask Sheet and I absolutely love both of them! These masks you keep on for 20-30 minutes and in that time about 90% of the product absorbs into your skin and any product left over you massage in after you take the mask off. I usually do my mask time right before I go to sleep and in both cases my face has felt great the next morning. I definitely recommend checking these products out!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these masks and what face mask is your favorite!!!



*All the views and opinions mentioned above are completely my own. I was not sent products, nor was I paid in exchange for a review. The photo used above is my own and can not be used with out written permission from myself. I am in no way a medical professional, these products worked for my skin type. If you have questions about your own, please ask a professional.

Sweater Weather

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You guys….it’s happening. It’s cold Enough to wear sweaters!!!! I live for this time of the year. Temperatures are finally dropping, leaves are changing colors and the air smells like snow (yes, I can smell snow haha). I know I have mentioned before how much I love fall and my love for it continues to grow! Layers, boots, scarves and hot chocolate….count me in! Now I don’t know if I have every said how weird the weather is here in Wyoming, but let me tell you, its crazy. It usually starts snowing in October (it already has twice) but it won’t stick until about late November/ early December. The temperature does drop significantly and quickly. However, the temperature is highly inconsistent. One day it’ll be warm and sunny and the next day it’ll be as if we went into the next ice age. After growing up here I am at least a little prepared for the abnormal changes, so much so that once it is officially fall, I dress for fall. I don’t care what the weather is. I will wear boots, skinny jeans and sweaters. Luck for me I’m cold no matter what the weather, so it all works out in the end!

Along with my almost obsessive need to wear sweaters everyday, I also stick to a very basic color theme. I go for mostly blush pink, cream/white, grey, black, navy or olive. With that I will also go days in a row of wearing black on black on black on black. I love it. As I was preparing my closet for the new flow of knitted heaven, I picked out a few of my favorites so far!

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It was hard to pick my top five sweaters but I finally narrowed them down. The top two are from TJMaxx and the other 3 are from H&M. I wear these five almost religiously but I am still on the hunt for an oversized chunky sweater. I’m going to keep a look out for baggy ones as the weather starts getting colder.

If you guys have any favorites please share them down below!!!