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For those who know me know I ADORE a red lip. It is the best way to dress up a plain outfit or to just make you feel better! I generally wear red lipsticks during Christmas time (for obvious reasons) but I am bringing the reds into the New Year. So if you would like to join me, here is a list of my favorite red lipsticks.

From left to right:

*Rimmel 124 Bordeaux- This has been my go to dark lip color for a few years now. I have about three of them in my collection at the moment. A beautiful dark berry color.

*L’Oreal 726 Divine Wine- This one has more of a brown/nude tone to the red.

*Rimmel Kate 107- This is the red of all reds. Love. Love. Love. I recommend this color to anyone in need of a red lipstick.

*Milani 67 Matte Confident- Like I mentioned before, I live for a matte lip. This is a beautiful red color that drys matte. It drys super quick and stays on for such a long time.

*Rimmel Kate 01- Again, Rimmel just knows how to get my attention. Love. This red is a tad bit darker that the 107, but I will reach for it just as often.

*L’Oreal 590 Blushing Berry- This one is nice for when you don’t want a crazy red lip or a crazy dark purple lip. It is the perfect middle shade.


All of these brands are fairly cheap and easily accessible. All of these colors are on the darker side because that is what goes with my skin tone. I do know that a lot of these brands have more orange/red shades that are also gorgeous, I just try to stay away from those. I really like to use red lips as a mood booster. No one can be sad with a killer wing eye and a red lip!


Coffee Table Books


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I love seeing what books people like to keep around their house. It helps me get inspiration into how I want my home to look, as well as, allowing me to understand that person better. These are the three books I currently have on my coffee table (amongst the piles and piles of magazines I have laying around my apartment haha).

The Fashion Book- Phaidon:

This book is like my bible. It is the A-Z guide of all things fashion. This book shows every person who created and inspired the fashion world. This book spans over two centuries with the whole industry represented. This book is a guide to over 570 clothing and accessory designers, photographers, stylists, schools, models and editors. As well as, the icons who instigated or symbolize an entire style or movement. This is great for those who really want to know the fashion industry inside and out.

14,000 things to be happy about- Barbara Ann Kipfer:

I have wanted this book for such a long time. Even just skimming through the pages you find things that make you happy! Whether its watching the sunset/rise, going to the beach, watching the snow fall or things  as small as Aunt Jemima  syrup, sipping a coke or getting the answers you want from a magic 8 ball. This book is just a friendly reminder that despite anything that goes wrong in your life, there is always something to be happy about.

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School- Alfredo Cabrera with Matthew Fredrick:

My mom got this book for me. This little book is super helpful for anyone in fashion. The book starts with “Fashion was born in the 12th century” and ends with a quote by Yves St. Laurent “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Throughout the book there are little tips about how to illustrate, how to tie a tie, how to cut fabric, the measurements of average models and other helpful tips!


Anywhere you look in my apartment you will find a book or a magazine that has to do with fashion or the industry. I love when my passions bring out a passion in others! Let me know what books you like to keep around your home!!! Like, follow, comment and share!!


Mini Beauty Haul

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It’s 2017 and you know what that means; New Year, New Me!!! Except in my case its the same me…but now I have a few more beauty products! I have been so excited to try these products and I hope my mini haul helps you in any of your 2017 beauty endeavors!

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LORAC eyeshadow palette: 

I got this palette from Ulta Beauty. I picked the LORAC Tails and Top Hats palette because the darker colors have a purple tint to them. I have been really into purple tones because they are supposed to accent brown eyes. I have no idea if it is really working but I’ve been into it. They had another palette like this one but in lighter shades. I like that it is a small palette but it still offers seven colors. It is easy to travel with and fits in almost all of my smaller makeup bags.

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Stila Liquid Lipstick/ Blush:

I was beyond excited to get this product. I absolutely love liquid lipsticks, or really any matte lipstick. This is a travel size Stila Liquid Lipstick in the shade Serenata. I have worn it almost every day since Christmas. I recommend putting chapstick on before you apply the lipstick because it will dry up your lips a little bit. The chapstick definitely helps keep your lips hydrated and helps make the lipstick last longer.

The other product that came with the liquid lipstick was the Stila Aqua Glow Water Color Blush in the shade Water Lily. This is the first liquid blush I have tried…I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I like that it has a sparkle to it and that despite the color it looks like in the container, it applies much lighter. I have tried it once and I just applied it with my hands, so I think when I try it again I will be using my beauty blender.

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Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser:

I heard about this product from my older sister and my mom. As I’ve shared before, my skin is a hot mess and a half. It has been very hard for me to find a cleanser that doesn’t cause my skin to break out even more. I completely adore Burt’s Bees products. Their chapstick has saved my lips in the freezing temperatures of winter. So I was pretty excited to try this cleanser. I really like that my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after using it. It also doesn’t leave my face red or irritated. I only use this once a day and my Simple Micellar Cleansing Water for the other time.

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Zoella Beauty Bath Fizzers:

This was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I am, and always have been, a huge supporter of Zoella (Zoe Sugg). When she came out with her beauty line I was trilled, however none of it was sold in the US…until now. This is the only product sold at the Target closest to me. I haven’t used any of it yet (too excited to actually have it in my beauty collection) but I have heard only amazing things about it. I can’t wait for more of her products to be sold in stores and I hope that soon Target extends to her Zoella Lifestyle line!

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Bare Minerals Glow set:

Bare Minerals is a newer brand to me. I have tried their powder foundation and I thought it was great for the days where I don’t really want to wear too much makeup. This Glow set includes two powders; the vanilla sugar radiance and the original mineral veil. The vanilla sugar radiance is a light pink, sparkly highlighter. The original mineral veil is just a finishing powder. Both are very pigmented and light. I don’t use the original mineral veil on my entire face. I use it mainly in my T-zone or where I feel I get a little oily during the day. The highlighter is light enough to have a very natural look.


This has been my mini beauty haul! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my growing collection. Please comment and share some of your favorite products! I love expanding my collection and hearing what other people are loving. Have a very happy New Year!!! Subscribe to be notified when all my new post go up!


Autumn Binge Watching

Although its not officially autumn, its close enough for me! With autumn comes school, shorter days and longer nights, colder weather, trees changing colors and new shows coming onto Netflix. So in celebration of this upcoming season of binge watching, here is a list of my favorite shows to binge watch, as well as a list of shows that I am planning on watching! Let me know what shows you like to watch too!!!
These are the shows that I watch pretty regularly and I plan on re-watching or have more seasons coming to Netflix.
Favorite shows to binge watch:
1. Friends
2. The Following
3. Gossip Girl
4. The Vampire Diaries
5. Parks and Recreation
6. 30Rock
7. That 70’s Show
8. Scandal
9. How I Met Your Mother
10. Arrow
These shows are coming to or already on Netflix, that I haven’t watched before but am going to start!
Shows to binge watch:
1. Stranger Things
2. The Strain
3. Mad Men
4. Homeland
5. Narcos
6. House of Cards
7. How to Get Away with Murder
8. The Tomorrow People
9. The Pyramid Code
10. Shameless
Autumn is by far my favorite time of the year! I can’t wait to be able to curl up in a cozy blanket, with some hot chocolate and my boyfriend by my side, and start our binge watching sessions. If you guys have any yummy snacks you like to make during the autumn or eat while you watch your favorite shows let me know in the comments!!! I will most likely keep all of you updated on my Netflix addiction.

A Few of My Favorite Things…July

July has come and gone and with August comes the end of summer, school starting and a whole new list of things that I love! But before I start on that list I want to share my favorite things through the month of July.
Favorite #1:
My throw pillows. I absolutely LOVE my pillows. Yes, I am aware that it is summer time. Yes, I am aware that it is hot ALL the time, but that doesn’t stop me from piling them all on my bed and laying in the heaven that is my throw pillows. Just remember, there is no such thing as TOO MANY pillows.

Favorite #2:
My ukuleles. I grew up surrounded by music. I started playing the violin in the 4th grade but it didn’t stick for too long. I tried playing the guitar, but I wasn’t feeling that either. I received the brown one for Christmas a few years ago and ever since that my collection and love for the instrument  grow. I love that I can travel with them. I really just enjoy sitting down and learning new songs.

 Favorite #3:
My style books. When I first started getting into fashion, I would read these books. They really helped break down everything fashion and beauty. They are great books for those who are wanting to learn a little more about fashion/beauty or for people who are trying to create the perfect wardrobe. Grace&Style by Grace Helbig, Style by Lauren Conrad, Beauty by Lauren Conrad, and Brunette Ambition by Lea Michelle. These girls are true icons and great role models.


 Favorite #4:
Simple’s cleansing micellar water. My holy grail face cleanser. I have the most emotional, irrational and confusing skin. If I wash it with a normal cleanser, I just break out more. Its a horrible cycle of wanting to have a clean face and not wanting to break out. That is until I found this amazing cleansing water. It removes all makeup and dirt from my face with out freaking out my skin. It’s wonderful.

 Favorite #5:
Liquid matte lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and I am 100% invested in them. I was skeptical at first because I’m not a huge lip gloss fan (I don’t like the sticky feeling on my lips). However, I am head over heels for these bad boys. They are long lasting and stay on my lips (not my face) when I eat. Which is the biggest factor I look for in  a good lipstick.

 Favorite #6:
These are my Mala beads (also known as prayer beads). I made these myself and I use them during my meditation or when I have an extreme amount of anxiety. These have really helped me when I am feeling too anxious to get things done. They have really helped me and I definitely recommend them to anyone suffering with anxiety. Nothing has made me feel better than some meditation.

This summer has seemed to fly by! Pretty soon we will all be back in school and the leaves will be changing colors. I’m sure I’ll have more favorites in this upcoming month and I can’t wait to share them all with you! Hope you all had a wonderful July!


What’s in my Bag?

This coming up weekend I will be going on a little getaway with my boyfriend and another couple. Now I am known for over packing, so this time around I planned out all my outfits and I thought I’d share those outfits with you all. The weather is going to be hot during the day, so when we get there I might alter these ideas slightly.
In my Bag:

 Day 1
 The drive to Denver, check into our hotel and go out on the town. Depending on the weather, I might ditch the cardigan during the day and just go for the tank and shorts. This outfit is perfect for a quick day to night change. Just add or remove the cardigan and you are ready for anytime.
 Forever 21 tank top, Sophie Rule cardigan, Divided by H&M black pleather shorts, & no brand black booties

 Day 2
This is that day that all four of us have been waiting for. July 31st. Vans Warped Tour. We have been waiting all summer for this music festival! Ready by 8-8:30, go out to breakfast, & party hard all day long.
The Story So Far band t-shirt (turned into a cropped tank top DIY style & bought at Hot Topic), Thrift store high waisted jeans (also turned into shorts DIY style), American Eagle braided belt, Vans Classic shoes (very old and very worn, but the perfect shoes for the occasion)

Day 3
On the third day we don’t have a real plan set. We check out in the morning and then have all day to do whatever we want. We threw around ideas and we might just walk around town some more, we could go to the Denver Zoo, or even just go see a movie. Either way this outfit can really be worn for anything. It’s cute and comfortable.
Divided by H&M white dress, Micheal Kors purse, Divided by H&M maroon hat, Vans Classic shoes

Because I am who I am, I packed an extra outfit. This can be worn at night if it gets a little too cold for shorts. I might wear it to dinner the second night we are there.
No brand blue tank top, Gianni Bini pants, No brand black booties
Planing out these outfits have really helped me stay on track with what I need and what I don’t. Packing in advance also helps with my indecisive mind. It allows my to fully plan out what I want to take and there is always a few days to change my mind before I leave. They are pretty basic and can be switched around anytime during the trip, which I believe helps me with my over packing problem. Bringing basic colors and pieces that you can mix&match, makes more outfits than you think and can settle an indecisive mind. All of this (plus makeup & hair things) all fit into a medium sized duffel and is super easy to travel with.