My 2018 Vision Board

Holy cow guys! It’s 2018!!! With the new year comes new goals, new attitudes, and new motivation. 2017 ended with a lot of struggling. Struggling with my anxiety, struggling with my career, struggling with my degree, struggling with a move to a different town, but as of now I can say I officially got through it. Some of these are still things I’m figuring out in the new year but in the last year I can say for certain that I am stronger now because of it.

Why a vision board?

I am a firm believer that if you put something into the universe then you will get that. Whether its something positive, negative, goals, dreams, anything. If you put it into the universe enough, it will happen. That is my attitude going into this new year. By putting my goals on a board that I will see everyday, I will be putting those goals into the universe. It’ll also remind me to do something that brings me one step closer to those goals everyday. Along with my goals, I also put positive quotes. By seeing and reading these quotes, I’m hoping it helps me keep positive throughout my day.


Supplies needed to make a vision board:

-Printed out pictures/quotes



-Cork board/ picture frame/ fee wall space

-Washi Tape (optional)

-Stickers (optional)

-Markers/ colored pencils/ crayons (optional)

-Basically any additional decorations that you want! (:


Creating my Vision Board:

My process of creating my vision board was going on Pinterest and looking up pictures of other peoples vision boards haha. I knew what they were but I wasn’t sure where to start. After getting a general idea of the goals and messages I wanted, I searched them (again on Pinterest) and printed out the ones I liked. Now, I could have taken pictures of how I put the board together, but it is pretty….boring. Print pictures, cut pictures out, tape to a board/frame. Pretty standard. Luckily I had a large cork board already, so I just repainted the frame and taped all my pictures to it.

Goals represented on my board:

-Do more yoga

-Be in nature more

-Be active

-Less stress

-Make more time to relax

-Let things go

-Stay positive

-Create more content


Your vision board can represent whatever you want it to! These are just expressions of who you are and what you want to achieve in your life! I would love to see if you guys make your own! Please tag me on Instagram and I’ll share my favorites!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys create!



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