L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask Review

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Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite beauty products. If you have been here before, you probably know that I am crazy into face masks. I have a growing collection in my office and I try to use one every three days (or whenever I’m stresses….Which ever comes first, ha). Recently, I have been doing reviews on sheet masks. I really enjoy those because they are convenient and they don’t make that big of a mess. However, I have been loving L’Oreal’s Pure Clay masks. 

So far I have purchased and used the Clear&Comfort, Detox&Brighten and Exfoliate-Refine pure clay masks. I found all of these (plus others that I would love to try) at Target for about $10 each. My very first thought about these products is that there is a lot of product for the price. I have used each of mine at least 5 times on my entire face and I still have a lot left to use! I also love the fact that they come in little glass jars. Very aesthetically pleasing! 

I used the e.l.f. foundation brush to apply all of the masks. I find that it applies the masks evenly and makes less of a mess. I kept each mask on for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how much I put on or how long it takes to fully dry. I have tried two different ways to remove the masks, direct rinsing and with a wet face cloth. I found that using the face cloth is less messy, but it takes longer and more effort to remove it. Rinsing directly gets water everywhere, but it comes off quicker. 

  • Detox&Brighten: charcoal + 3 pure clays mask. I was very excited to try this mask specifically. I have tried so many charcoal face mask in the search for the perfect one. I put this one on and instantly noticed how thick the consistency was and how smoothly it went on my face. Once it was applied I noticed it working right away. As the mask dried I could feel it detoxing my skin! I felt it most in my T-zone (which happens to be where I break out the most). As the mask drys it makes it very hard to move your face, so when you can’t move any part of your face you know its ready to take off! I really like to use this mask on days when I break out, or after a night out with my friends. It automatically makes my skin/face feel cleaner, brighter and overall happier!


  • Clear&Comfort: Seaweed + 3 pure clays. Now I will be honest, I feel like an alien when I have this mask on because my face is SO blue, haha. I was very excited to try this mask. I got it because I needed an everyday mask. This mask is supposed to draw out the build up of dirt and oils in your pores. And it does exactly that. I have combination skin, where my t-zone is either oily or dry (depending on the time of the year). I really think this mask really balances out and improves my skin. While this masks dries, it’s not as hard as the charcoal mask, but you know it’s dry. 


  • Exfoliate- Refine: Red algae + 3 pure clays. I haven’t used this mask as much as the other two. I really enjoyed how the mask is creamy when you put it on and then you can feel the exfoliating part when you remove the mask. Out of the three, I would use this one about once a week. It really cleans your skin and makes your face feel SO smooth after. I really like to use this one before I get into the shower. I find it is easier to really exfoliate my skin if I’m not worried about getting water all over the place haha. I think that it would also be really nice to use one of those electric cleansing brushes to remove it. The box says to use three times a week for best results, however I am scared that if I exfoliate that often I will just break out more (my skin is weird like that). 


Overall, I am absolutely in love with this brand and these masks. There are a few more that I want to get my hands on, as well as, facial cleansers that match each mask. I highly recommend picking up one (or all) of these masks haha! My skin has really cleared up after using them and I just feel happy in my soul when I put one on. It truly is my favorite part of the day!

Let me know in the comments which masks or brands you like! 












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