Milk Face Mask Review

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Alighty!!!! This time around I used my Lapcos Milk sheet face mask. This one is the moisturizing mask. Like my other review I wanted you all to know my first impression, how I felt while wearing it, how my skin felt after I took it off and how my skin felt the day after I used it. I like to use a face mask as part of my bedtime routine. If you didn’t read my previous review, my night time routine is to get into my comfy pjs and wash all the makeup off my face (with my ACURE sensitive face wash) or I will wipe off my makeup using my Simple micellar cleansing wipes. I’ll put my hair up and depending on how crazy my hair was that day, I’ll use a headband to keep all my baby hairs back. Then I’ll put on a face mask and once the 20ish minutes is up, I’ll rub in the remaining product and go to sleep.

My frist impression of this mask is again, A LOT of product. This is my second Lapcos sheet mask and both seem to have this in common. This mask didn’t really have a scent to it…I guess you could say that it smelt clean (which is always a good thing). The product on this mask looked milky (makes sense right? haha). Again, the mask was hard to unfold dues to the extreme amount of product in the packaging. The mask itself fit my face nicely, however it still slid off my face if I moved around while wearing it. I kept the mask on for about 25minutes this time.

After the 25 minutes were up I took the mask off and decided to take a clean towel and dab off some of the remaining product. I then started to rub in the remaining product, this time it took about 10 minutes for my skin to absorb all of the product. My skin felt sooooooo nice!!!!!! Again after the product was all absorbed I went to bed.

The next morning I woke morning and right away I could tell that my face felt more moisturized. When I looked at my skin I could see how my skin looked healthier!!! My skin is usually dry around my knows and eyebrows, this made my whole face soooo soft and moisturized! I didn’t know how thirsty my skin was until the next morning! I HIGHLY recommend this mask to anyone who has dry skin or for everyone to use when the colder season comes around to keep your face feeling happy and healthy. I’m DEFINITELY going to be purchasing more then one of these mask in the very near future.


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