Honey Face Mask Review

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Recently I used my Lapcos Honey sheet face mask. This one is the nourishing mask and I decided to do a little review on each mask. This is the first Lapcos product that I have tried and I have many more masks that I look forward to using and reviewing!!! I wanted you all to know my first impression, how I felt while wearing it, how my skin felt after I took it off and how my skin felt the day after I used it. I like to use a face mask as part of my bedtime routine. So what I like to do is get into my comfy pjs and wash all the makeup off my face (with my ACURE sensitive face wash) or I will wipe off my makeup using my Simple micellar cleansing wipes. I’ll put my hair up and depending on how crazy my hair was that day, I’ll use a headband to keep all my baby hairs back. Then I’ll put on a face mask and once the 20ish minutes is up, I’ll rub in the remaining product and go to sleep.

My fist impression of this sheet mask is that it smelt really nice. It has a nice honey smell (obviously) but it wasn’t overwhelming. As I was pulling it out of the packaging I noticed that there was A LOT of product. I think that this could be both good and bad; good because there is plenty of product for your skin, bad because its very messy to take out and unfold. That was my problem when I tried to unfold the mask, it was slippery and I kept wiping off my hands while unfolding it. Once I got it open I put it on my face and it fit pretty nice.

While I had it on my face I had to keep my face tilted towards the ceiling because the amount of product on the mask made it slide off my face if I tried to do anything with the mask on. I also had to constantly rub in the extra product into my neck as I was wearing the mask to avoid it from dripping all over me. During the time I had it on if felt nice on my skin and I felt my skin absorbing the product.

After the 20ish minutes I took off the mask and there was A LOT of product still on my face. The instructions say to rub in the remaining product but there was soooo much that I tried to let some of it absorb for a few minutes before I started to rub it in. After about 10 minutes my face was still pretty wet. I started to rub the product into my skin but it still took a little over a half hour after I took off the mask for my face to finally dry. From there I went to bed.

When I woke up I went to see if I could notice any change in my skin or appearance of my skin. My skin was definitely softer, however there wasn’t any noticeable change that I could see. This mask was the Nourishing mask, so there may not have even been any change to notice directly. I for sure want to try this mask again, maybe dabbing off product before I start to rub it into my face.

Let me know in the comments which face masks you like to use!!!!


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