“Build Your Own Planner” Review

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Evertime I go into Target I see these “build your own planner” sets in the $1-$5 section. Now, I am addicted to shopping at Target, so when I got paid I decided that I had to try it out! I was really really excited to build my own planner. I got to choose the binder that I wanted it in, the pattern of the pages/divider pages and any extras that I wanted to put in it. I didn’t really know what to expect because all my favorite planners have been more on the pricy side, so the fact that I was able to customize my own planner, for under $20, was a huge plus for me!!!

I really like the binder that I chose. It is simple and grey, with gold writing on it that says “work hard, play hard”. I also chose the pages/divider pages that had the palm leaf pattern. I do wish that I was able to choose a different color for the inside of the binder, but I liked the outside more than the others so I went with it!

The package with the pages included 52 weekly pages, 12 monthly pages and 40 note sheets. That package of pages was $3 (I got 2 packages just in case I messed up and needed more pages……which I did…), the binder was $5, the divider pages were $3 and the pages with the sticky notes on it were also $3.

As I started to put together the planner I found that the planner pages seemed to be printed backwards. So when you flip through the pages, so instead of opening the planner and seeing a page that starts on Monday, you open it and it starts on Thursday. That was a little confusing when I started writing in the dates. The pages that show the whole month at once also starts on a Thursday.

Overall, I wasn’t 100% in love with my planner. I am very picky when it comes to scheduling out my life and I need a planner that will fit my lifestyle. I do think this is a great cheap option for people who want to start organizing their day to day life, if they can get past the pages starting on a Thursday. This Wednesday I will be purchasing a new planner and will try to do a review/haul of what all I am buying!



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