ACURE Beauty Haul/Review

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Recently I have been trying to change up my beauty routine. I’ve started using products that are vegan/vegetarian, without any harsh chemicals and overall just better for my skin. My mom told me about a website called ThriveMarket. They sell all different types of products that are healthy and natural at a wholesale price. I decide to try it out. ThriveMarket is a membership program, but I just used a their free trial to see if I liked it.

When you sign up (or use the free trial), you receive 15% off your first purchase. So right off the bat I was pretty excited. I went through the beauty section and selected the products I wanted to try. I got all the same brand for two reasons:

  1. My sister has said she loves this brand
  2. I didn’t want to get too many new things just incase my skin didn’t like it

I decided to go with the whole shebang and get a full face routine. I purchased these six products and it cost about $45. I was pretty pleased with that amount. As you add things to your cart it tells you how much you are saving by only paying the wholesale price. In the end I ended up saving about $40.

The products I decided to purchase were:

  1. Sensitive Facial Cleanser: This cleanser is made with peony extract and sunflower amino acid. The bottle says that it is good for dry and sensitive skin. It is vegan, sulfate free and paraben free. I have only used this a few times, but I really enjoy it. It goes on nicely and makes my skin feel great! It also smells really good, so that’s a plus.
  2. Facial Toner: This is a balancing rose and red tea toner. This is good for all skin types. I really love this product. It is extremely refreshing and it makes my skin feel healthy and hydrated after using it. There are two ways to apply it, spraying it on a cotton pad or spraying it directly on your face. I like to spray it two or three times on my face after it has been washed. This product also smells lovely.
  3. Day Cream: This cream is got kola extract and chlorella. After I wash my face in the morning I use this. A little goes a very long way when it comes to this day cream. I use about a pea sized drop and it covers my whole face and neck. It has a nice light scent that is amazing first thing in the morning.
  4. Night Cream: The night cream is argan stem cell and chlorella. This one says it hydrates and restores. It is also for normal to dry skin types. I really, really like this night cream. I put it on right before bed (again only a pea sized drop) and in the morning my face feels smooth and happy. It has a very soothing scent to it that is nice to fall asleep to.
  5. Brightening Face Mask: This face mask is argan extract and chlorella. It is for all skin types. I haven’t used this mask too much, but I use it when I feel stressed. Sometimes I will put it on my whole face, other times just in my T- zone. It is green and it smells green (like aloe mix with mint). My favorite part of this product is that the directions state “Apply evenly over the face until you look like a green sea-monster.” That just makes putting it on even more fun!
  6. Acne Spot Treatment: This one I got in the maximum strength treatment. This does have 2% salicylic acid in it. I am amazed at how quickly this treatment works. I put it on a problem spot of mine at night and in the morning it was half the size. I have tried a lot of different products in my life to get rid of my acne and all of them left my face feeling tight, dry and just gross. I really enjoy using this product knowing that it is actually working!

I have had such a great first impression with this brand and their products! I am definitely going to be placing more orders with them and trying some of their other products. I absolutely love that all of the products I received are vegan, sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty free. After just a few uses, I can already tell that they are helping my skin.

Let me know in the comments what products you have been loving or if you have tried anything in the ACURE brand!!!



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