What’s in my Bag?

This coming up weekend I will be going on a little getaway with my boyfriend and another couple. Now I am known for over packing, so this time around I planned out all my outfits and I thought I’d share those outfits with you all. The weather is going to be hot during the day, so when we get there I might alter these ideas slightly.
In my Bag:

 Day 1
 The drive to Denver, check into our hotel and go out on the town. Depending on the weather, I might ditch the cardigan during the day and just go for the tank and shorts. This outfit is perfect for a quick day to night change. Just add or remove the cardigan and you are ready for anytime.
 Forever 21 tank top, Sophie Rule cardigan, Divided by H&M black pleather shorts, & no brand black booties

 Day 2
This is that day that all four of us have been waiting for. July 31st. Vans Warped Tour. We have been waiting all summer for this music festival! Ready by 8-8:30, go out to breakfast, & party hard all day long.
The Story So Far band t-shirt (turned into a cropped tank top DIY style & bought at Hot Topic), Thrift store high waisted jeans (also turned into shorts DIY style), American Eagle braided belt, Vans Classic shoes (very old and very worn, but the perfect shoes for the occasion)

Day 3
On the third day we don’t have a real plan set. We check out in the morning and then have all day to do whatever we want. We threw around ideas and we might just walk around town some more, we could go to the Denver Zoo, or even just go see a movie. Either way this outfit can really be worn for anything. It’s cute and comfortable.
Divided by H&M white dress, Micheal Kors purse, Divided by H&M maroon hat, Vans Classic shoes

Because I am who I am, I packed an extra outfit. This can be worn at night if it gets a little too cold for shorts. I might wear it to dinner the second night we are there.
No brand blue tank top, Gianni Bini pants, No brand black booties
Planing out these outfits have really helped me stay on track with what I need and what I don’t. Packing in advance also helps with my indecisive mind. It allows my to fully plan out what I want to take and there is always a few days to change my mind before I leave. They are pretty basic and can be switched around anytime during the trip, which I believe helps me with my over packing problem. Bringing basic colors and pieces that you can mix&match, makes more outfits than you think and can settle an indecisive mind. All of this (plus makeup & hair things) all fit into a medium sized duffel and is super easy to travel with.

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